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Table Top Adventure Time is a pen and paper role playing game where you explore the land of Ooo as one of its native inhabitants. It features…

- Innovative combat mechanics and skill systems designed to reduce the learning curve for new players,and encourage creative problem solving while giving the GM excellent tools for crafting adventures.

- 16 races including Demon, Rainicorn, Cloud Person, and Breakfast person (to name some of my favourites)

- 5 classes which give you new ways to interact with the world and the sorts of treasures that you acquire while adventuring.

- 5 fighting styles which determine how you dispatch the monsters you will no doubt encounter on your adventure.

….And it is DONE! Sort of. Still needs lots of editing, and I may be updating the systems as I redesign them for casters and conquest, but it is playable.


HERE is a copy of the rules in a pdf to download and read.

HERE is a copy of the rules for online reading.

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